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Yellow Slim In The Veggie Garden.

So you may be wondering what the heck that yellow stuff is? Well, we did too the first time we saw it in the garden. It's Yellow Slime Mold, Ewwww! Not to worry though, it is not harmful to your garden or to humans. It favours warm and moist conditions and tends to grow on top of mulch and wood chips. When conditions are no longer favourable the slime mold changes in appearance to resemble dog vomit. Sooooo it may look really weird and at times really gross but thankfully it is harmless!

What is it?

  • Fuligo Septica aka slime mold

  • It is a yellow mold that generally appears on the surface of the mulch

  • It develops when conditions are warm, humid and moist.

  • It starts out bright in colour, but after a few days it fades in colour and can resemble dog vomit

  • Slime mold feeds on the carbon found in wood mulch as well as decaying organic matter

  • It thrives in hot, humid, wet conditions

  • It will grow for as long as conditions are moist

  • When conditions are no longer favourable, the mold will change colour.

    • This is when it takes on the appearance of dog vomit

  • Not harmful to plants or humans (don’t eat it)

How to Prevent it

  • Slime mold can be prevented in a given area by reducing the amount of moisture by watering less or raking mulch to allow air movement

  • Slime mold is spreading with spores which can be spread by water and air

  • To prevent it from spreading further, avoid spraying it with water and raking through it

  • If you wish to remove it (or most of it) remove it with a shovel

    • Because it is spread by air movement it can be difficult to completely remove

Learn more with our gardening guides

"Remember, it poses no threat to your garden, plants or family so removing it is not necessary, but can be done simply because it is unpleasant to look at."

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