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Why Do We Thin Plants?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

In a perfect world, every single seed that gets planted would grow, and it would be very easy to properly space plants in the garden. However this is not the case, it is possible that not every seed that gets planted will germinate. This is why we recommend that you plant more seeds then what is needed. Aim to plant 2-3 seeds per cell, or follow direct sowing instructions on seed package for planting directly in the garden. Due to the fact that we are planting more plants than needed in close proximity to one another, we will need to thin once seedlings are established

Why Thinning is Important!

Thinning means removing some of the seedlings to make room for the growth of others. We thin both seedlings that have been started indoor and plants that have been directly seeded outdoors. Failing to thin can lead to problems for your seedlings. Thinning ensure that seedlings have lots of room to grow and develop their roots. It is especially important when you've got multiple seedlings growing in a tight group. If seedlings are left to grow too close together they will end up competing with one another, similar to how weeds compete with plants in the garden. 

Seedlings that are started indoors need ample air circulation and if the plants have crowed it may lead to the development of mould on your seed trays.  Another very important reason that we thin is that plants that are over crowed will fail to produce the same amount of fruit that properly spaced plants do. So, it is important not to think that having more plants will mean more production, this only applies when plants are properly spaced.

"Thinning is an important step in growing your own food, however, it is necessary, so be sure to follow the spacing instruction located on your seed packet. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them."

Good Luck, Have Fun, and Get Gardening!

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