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Why Cascadia Peas are soo good!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

That crunch and crisp taste of a snap pea fresh out of the garden in mid-summer. With their deep green pods, Cascadia peas are easy to plant, fast-growing, and the perfect addition to your garden. They can be eaten as a pod or shelled for the peas inside.

These seeds are another cool weather grower. So they can be planted 2-3 weeks before your final frost date. And although they have a vine type growth they do not require staking.

Growing Cascadia Peas.

There is no need to fertilize for Cascadia peas, but it is recommended to turn in organic compost to your soil and water deeply before planting seeds. It is recommended however that you do not plant them where peas or beans have been planted before within the last year. Be sure to water seeds evenly and consistently so the seeds can stay moist until they germinate, which usually takes about 5-10 days. Seedlings will do best in full sunlight.

Plant peas about 1 inch deep, spacing them 1 inch apart in rows 30 inches apart. They take about 65 days to mature and can be harvested by carefully picking off the pods while being extra careful not to damage the fine vine they are growing on.

The pods can be eaten right away or stored in the fridge in a ventilated container.

Did you know?

“Cascadia pea pods will average 2-3” long and have sweet peas inside, and can be eaten both as a pod or shelled for the peas inside.

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