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Staking Tomato Plants

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

We use cages for our tomato plants but we also stack them to make sure they have lots of support to get maximum growth from them. We are also sure to prune our plants to avoid diseases and pests.


Be sure to get the stake as close as possible to the stem of the plant but not so close it damages it when inserting into the ground.

We use a tree taping gun and fibreglass rods for our plants, but you can use strips of nylon, gardeners tape or wine to attach the plant to your stack. As long as the material is breathable and not to tight on the plant. The plant still needs room to grow.

Carefully attach the stem of the tomato to the stake with your preferred material in a couple of spots to make sure it has the support needed. As the plant grows keep adding sections to the stake.


Even with determining tomato plants, they can grow very tall very quickly. After flowering, the tomato fruit can become heavy for the plant. This can cause the plant to fall over which, is why cages and stakes are needed.

Did you know?

“Tomatos along with eggplant, goji berries, potatoes, and chili peppers are all members of the nightshade family of plants"

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