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Soft clean hands after digging in the garden!

We picked up this Gardeners hand soap and The Bridge Social in Uxbridge, Ontario. It is a product from Savon Du Bois which an all-natural handcrafted soap maker. It is a bit pricey but trust us once you get your hands into it, you'll see its worth every penny!

No black tomato stains!

The number one benefit of this soap takes off the tomato tar without having to grab the vinegar first! Tomato tar - tacky yellow power that changes to green-black colour. It is hard to remove from your hands and can stain clothing. The soap has a bit of a grit to it so it gets into the lines of your skin to remove the tar. And it leaves your hands smelling amazing and soo soft.


The soap has a texture like no other to it. It comes in a huge jar, so you have to scoop it out. The first time you scoop some out you think; "this is definitely going to work". It's not so rough that you are scooping out granulated salt rocks. It has a soothing textured feel to it. The fine texture gets into the lines on your hands and cleans out off the little particles of dirt like the Tomato tar mentioned.

"It kind of looked weird at first, but i love this soap! I use it ever time I come in from the beds now." - Rebecca, Operations Manager


Because this is a hand-poured soap with essential oils and beer in it. You not only know that is it healthy and safe to use on your hands but the Rosemary, Lavender and Peppermint oils leave your hands smelling so good.

And yes there is beer in it. You can't really tell by the smell or feel that it has beer in it. But they often mix it with local craft brewery beers which is just another plus, because it's businesses helping businesses.

We are hoping to have this soap in our online shop that is coming soon! And if you want to learn more about tomato growing check out our growing guides!

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