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Should You Plant Swiss Chard?

Of course! Swiss chard is a great addition to any garden and it can be planted early. So if you itchy to get your garden going this a good seed to plant on the cold early Spring days.

Any type of chard likes to grow in the cool- season and can be planted 2-3 weeks before your last frost date.

Check out the video below on how to plant swiss chard. We planted ours 3 weeks before the last frost date. What is great about this easy garden grower is that is can withstand hotter temperatures as well. It is also a "grow again" type of harvest so you can cut the mature leaves and the younger ones will continue to grow.

Growing Swiss Chard?

There is no need to fertilize Swiss Chard but it is recommended to turn in organic compost to your soil and water deeply before planting seeds. Be sure to water seeds evenly and consistently so the seeds can stay moist until they germinate. Seedlings will do best in full sunlight but can bare a bit of share.

Plant seed cluster about ½ to 1 inch deep, spacing them 2 to 6 inches apart in rows 18 inches apart. Swiss chard takes about 40 days to reach a potential harvest. When the leaves reach about 6-8 inches you can cut them about 1 inch from the base. Again swiss chard is a cut and grows again vegetable, meaning you can cut the mature leaves and the leaving the younger leaves to continue to grow to full maturity.

Once you cut the leaves they can be stored in the fridge in a ventilated container. The stalks can be cut and cooked like asparagus and the rest of the leaf can be cooked or eaten raw like other leafy lettuce greens.

Did you know?

“Did you know Swiss Chard is a great source high in vitamins A and vitamin C. And both its stem and leaves are editable.

Check out the video below where we recently planted Swiss Chard seeds and be sure to follow for updates and more.

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