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Planting Marigolds

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Marigolds are a relatively easy-going annual flower that are reliable in a wide range of growing conditions. They are fast-growing and bloom continuously from late spring through to fall. There are red, yellow, orange and multicoloured varieties available. 

We decided to start marigolds from seed this year because they are known to be beneficial to vegetable plants in your garden. They have known to repel bugs in the garden. The smell of marigolds discourages pests such as whiteflies and beetles from feeding on your plants.  Marigolds can be especially beneficial in protecting tomatoes.  Although not guaranteed to help, it nothing else they will add more colour to the garden!

We started our marigolds indoors 6 weeks before our last frost date. They can be started later but we wanted early blooms.

We will be planting them out alongside our tomatoes after the danger of frost has passed.  

We have a marigold planting video on our YouTube channel, check it out below!

Good Luck and Get Gardening!

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