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Updated: Jul 23, 2020

What We've Been Up to So Far This Spring? Putting up a polytunnel to extend our growing season!

This year we decided to go big or go home. We have added a polytunnel and multiple new raised beds. We are referring to these beds as our production beds. They are 4x16 feet, and we have been building them in our shop. The beds we have been using for the last few years were only 8 feet long, and we decided that although they worked well, we wanted to be able to grow more veggies.

The polytunnel has been a big project this spring. This is our first year having a polytunnel and we are very excited to have it as an addition to our garden space. It will allow us to extend our growing season longer into the fall and we will be able to start crops earlier in the spring. We are in Zone 5b here, so we can often get a shortened season from late spring frost or early fall frost.

It seems as though Mother Nature always has we tricks up her sleeve when it comes to the weather. Just when it starts to warm up and we begin to think that the nice weather is here to stay, we get hit with a layer of snow, heavy frost and or a cold spell. The polytunnel is going to eliminate some of these concerns for us. The frost, snow and cold winds will not be able to harm our plants but we will still have to watch out for extended periods of cold (especially if the sun to hiding behind the clouds).  We are excited to get some early crops in, perhaps some spinach, and salad greens!



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