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Determinate and Indeterminate?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

What's the difference? What varieties of tomatoes do you need to cage?

Determinate (Bush Varieties)

  • Determinate produce 1 harvest

  • Will stop growing once they reach a certain size. DETERMINATE LEVEL OF GROWTH

  • Once they have stopped growing, they flower and produce their fruit

  • Best to grow if you don’t have space for tomatoes to climb

  • They are foliage heavy plants

  • Dwarf varieties of bush tomatoes grow to heights of 2-3 feet while regular varieties can grow to 5 feet

  • They do well in containers, makes them ideal for porch or balcony growing

  • They are less work than indeterminate varieties as they do not require constant pruning or staking

Indeterminate (Vining Varieties)

  • They will naturally climb, will need staking, trellis or a cage

  • Produce fruit all season long. Multiple harvests.

  • They grow and grow and grow until the last frost or when they are ‘topped”

Did you know?

"There are dwarf varieties of tomato plants that are meant for partios and growing in pots specificly. These are pixie and small fry varieties."

Dwarf Indeterminate

  • Small dwarf plants with the large fruit production and long growing season of indeterminate plants

  • Better Bush Improved and Huskey Gold

  • These would be great for small space gardens looking to produce a max amount of e

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