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3 Common Canadian Gardening Mistakes

Starting a garden can be a fun and rewarding experience but unfortunately many first time gardeners fail to get the results they had dreamed of (we’ve been there, we feel your pain) so we decided to compile a list of 3 most common mistakes new gardeners make and the things they should be doing in order to have successful and rewarding gardening experience.

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1. OUT of SIGHT, OUT of Mind

We most commonly find that some new gardeners build the garden out of sight. Location is everything when it comes to gardening. Not only do you need to make sure the garden is getting lots of sunshine daily.

You want to be able to see your garden so you remember to take care of your plants. Checking on the garden daily for pests diseases and making sure your plants are growing on track for a good harvest.

If you put the garden out of sight, out of the sun or too far from a water resource. Gardeners tend to go weeks without checking or water their new plant friends and then of course lose most of the plants.


Know your gardening zone! You need to know your first and last frost dates in order to time when what you can plant in your garden. For more on gardening, zones CLICK HERE

Once you have planned what you are going to plant read over your seed packages and plant guides so you know when you can plant and if you need to start seedlings indoors.

Don’t plant all your seeds at once, take advantage of succession planting, it will extend your harvest. Fast growers like snap peas, lettuce and beans can be planted early spring, harvested early summer and replanted for a fall harvest as well.

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"Planting before the danger of frost has past is risky, frost sensitive plants will be damaged/ killed if the temperature drops too low"


With the Canadian growing season shortened because of frost, we often have to start plants indoors. When seeds are started indoors in March they need to be transplanted into the garden in May. A lot of new gardeners often just decide today is the day we are going to move the plants outside. But this can sometimes cause shock to the plant because it hasn't been in direct sun, wind, or cooler air.

This is where the process of Hardening off comes in. It is the most commonly missed step for new gardeners. Hardening off is the process of acclimatizing seedlings to the outdoors. Or getting them used to being outside in other words. Essentially you start putting your plants outside on warmer days for a few hours at a time gradually exposing them to outdoor weather and moving up the time they are outside over a couple of weeks until they are ready to stay outside.

If you are having troubles with your new garden don't be afraid to contact us with any questions. Tag us in your garden and join us on socials! Let's share the love of veggies and growing your own fresh vegetables at home.

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