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We offer a corporate vegetable gardening program to promote healthy living, boost company morale, reduce employee stress and bring employees closer together.


"A great team-building program!" 

Growing Together

Why have a gardening program?

Team Building, by growing & maintaining and growing the plants together

 Gardening is proven to reduce stress

Positive meeting space for employees

Promotes healthy eating habits

Feeling of achievement when plants are harvested

Outdoor activities promote

  • creative thinking

  • problem-solving

  • healthy mental health

What the program can include.

  • Installed raised wood or aluminum planter beds

  • Planter bed soils and mulch 

  • Vegetable plant starts - planted in spring, renewed when/if needed

  • Access to a personalized company web page with updates and growing guides for your vegetables.

  • Employees will be sent discounts on future products and services 

Coming Soon!

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